Electronics & Packaging

Printed passives are standard and the nScrypt approach to utilize patented Precision Micro-Dispensing allows for more than 10,000 commercially available materials as choices for design engineers. Mixing, matching, layering, and patterning diverse materials, it is possible to print sensors, antennas, batteries, electroluminescent lighting and do this on flexible substrates or put this on existing structures. In addition to these, it is standard to print to actives and including bare die or even thinned bare die. This opens the door to highly complex printed circuits that can be printed on any number of flexible or existing structured surfaces.

With the flexibility of the patented SmartPump™ and the 3Dn motion control, it is possible to print a variety of patterns and circuits on strongly conformal and even rough surfaces as shown in the picture above. This is a Kevlar helmet with very rough surfaces and the prints are on the top and around the sides.

Curved Surface Printed Resistors

Printed Transmitter on Glass

Printed Antenna

nScrypt Pick and Place™ Circuit

nScrypt Fully 3D Printed Simon Says Game