Print Any Shape Within Minutes

From computer aided design (CAD) to a tangible 3D object is the norm now for product development and testing.

nScrypt Printed Structure Helmet

3D printing is notorious for printing unique parts and then not being able to reproduce those within tight enough tolerances to make the parts useful in large quantities. Some progress has been made, but tighter tolerance 3D printing is important and nScrypt answers that exceptional motion control and exceptional volume control.

Additionally, more material choices are important and with the combination of SmartPump™ and nFD™ it is possible to combine plastics, metals, ceramics and composites in single builds with exceptional tolerance and control.

nScrypt nTip Group

nScrypt also boasts the finest prints from thermoplastics utilizing their patented pen tips that are changeable. This allows for prints as small as 12.5 microns. Smoother surfaces with finer features and a wider range of materials; the nScrypt way.​

SMEM standards for in line production capabilities

3D printing is becoming ubiquitous in exposure but truly understanding the limits and possibilities will take continued education and real working devices. One of the major advantages of 3D printing is the ability to print “any” shape and then within minutes, hours or days, hold that part.

nFD Horizontal

One of the disadvantages is the hours or days per part it takes to print. We are working on faster prints through parallel printing and algorithm optimizations. The goals to allow 3D printing to move to the manufacturing floor requires new concepts to 3D printing but old concepts to mass production. nScrypt is uniting these by designing our systems to SMEM standards for in line production capabilities.

3D Printed 555 die
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