True 3D Bio Scaffolds in any 3D Shape

The 3Dn 300 TE Series has up to 4 materials that and vision on the same platform. The SmartPump™ has shown it is possible to print living cells with near 100% cell viability. In addition to living cells, the SmartPump™ can print a very wide range of materials to include a variety of extra cellular matrices, collagen, hyaluronic acid and including doing this in a heated or cooled condition. In addition to the vast range of bio materials the SmartPump™ can do, the nFD™ can deposit a wide range of biopolymers. This provides true 3D bio scaffolds in any 3D shape; this is a true 3D bio-printer.

Direct Printing from a CAD File

Pictured below is a  3D printed biocompatible polymer structure with filled matrix. Dimensions of this print are 26 millimeters long x 15 millimeters wide x 17 millimeters tall. The inside is comprised of a complex array of voids that are filled with diverse materials. The filling materials can be acellular or cellular matrices or any number of bio materials. The complexity of the structure is insignificant since this is directly printed from a CAD file.​

nScrypt 3D Printed Biocompatible Polymer
3D Bioprinted Object
nScrypt 3D Bioprinter
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