Our SmartPump™ has demonstrated line width as small as 25um and dots as small as 75um




The patented SmartPump™ is a foundation for nScrypt micro-dispensing.  This is a positive pressure pump that utilizes patented valving that allows for near perfect starts and stops (no drooling).




The nFD™ is a rugged fused deposition extruder with exceptional printing capabilities. A number of prints utilizing a 50 micron nTip™ have shown it is possible to move past industry standards and begin the next journey into fine features.




nPnP™ is the custom Pick and Place for the nScrypt platform.  Standard tips are available but this system can also print specialized tips such as two prong tips for larger parts or print very small holes for parts and even bare die.  The nPnP has a 360 degree rotation mechanism to allow the user to orient the part with high precision.




nMill™ is a micro-mill, micro-drill and micro-polisher for precision cutting, milling and polishing.  The high speed mill utilizes precision bearings for a more tightly controlled run-out.  Several choices of bits and polishing tools are available and are easily changed on the nMill™.


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