Volume control less than 100 picoliters

 In addition to precise volume control the SmartPump™ can provide repeatable results in both dots and lines.

Material Choice

There are more than 10,000 commercially available materials that can be dispensed by the SmartPump™.  In addition to the commercial materials, a vast array of materials to include low viscosity (cP) to very high viscosities (more than 1 million cP) and including particle loaded materials are also dispensable.  A few examples of these materials:  inks, epoxies, solders, conductive pastes and dielectric paste as a short list of materials.


Micro-electronic packaging, resistive devices, heater coils, printed antennas, printed electronics, ceramic structures, heterogeneous mixtures.

Size Matters

Printed lines as small as 20 microns to large fill patterns.  Dots, lines or patterns.


The SmartPump™ was designed to handle extreme material variances and accommodate those using software making this a specific pump for a specific application using soft controls to optimize.  Tilts and curves in substrates are accommodated up to 45 degrees without tilting the pump.

Learn About Adhesive Dispensing

  • Video 1: nScrypt Smartpump Planar-Pseudo Planar Printing
  • Video 2: nScrypt Smartpump Conformal and 3D printing

nScrypt Smartpump Planar-Pseudo Planar Printing

nScrypt Smartpump Conformal and 3D printing

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