The patented nTip™ was specifically designed to reduce the pressure for extruding materials.

The amount of pressure needed to push a material out of the nTip™ is much less than standard needle tips.

This is a significant advantage when working with highly loaded materials or materials with very high viscosities.

nScrypt Close-Up Line Printing

An additional advantage is the size of the orifice can be much smaller thus allowing true micro-dispensing. There are many cases in which the standard pen tips and nozzles cannot extrude a material in smaller orifices but the patented nTip™ can.

The are a number of options for orifice size but smallest commercially available nTip™ is 12.5 microns I.D. Utilizing the proper material, it is possible to print lines as small as 15 microns.

nScrypt nTip Group

nTip™ has a range of standard sizes: 12.5, 25, 50, 75, 100 and 125 microns. These are inner diameter (I.D.) values.

Additionally, if necessary, a larger or specific I.D. can be made. nTip™ material choices are ceramic, zirconia and tungsten carbide. Additionally, diverse shapes may be possible such as slots, ovals or other specialty shapes.

There are also versions with extended tips to reach inside channels or holes, these are stainless tips but provide the advantage of reduced pressure over standard needles.​

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