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3Dn-DDM Series


The 3Dn-DDM Series is a set of tools, which nScrypt calls a "Factory in a Tool (FiT), capable of printing, milling, polishing, and pick and place, with post-processing options." This has vision and scanning for advanced printing, including conformal and analyzing on a single platform. DDM, also known as Direct Digital Manufacturing, can print structures using the widest range of thermoplastics and composites, printed electronics with the widest range of conductive metals and dielectrics and pick and place for complete Printed Circuit Structure (PCS) devices printed in a single tool.

  • Gantry Setup with Linear Motors
  • 500 mm travel in XY in standard model. Custom size available upon request
  • Standard or High Precision (10nm resolution, 500nm repeatability, 1 micron accuracy)
  • 150 mm travel in Z in standard model. Custom z travel available upon request
  • Penta-head with standard gantry system
  • Z Tracking for conformal printing
  • 3D Mapping pre and post prints
  • Precision Micro-Dispensing, thermoplastic and composite materials printing, pick and place, micro-milling, photonic curing
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