We sell direct print dispensing systems ready for high throughput manufacturing floors or the laboratory.


3Dn Series


There are a number of 3Dn Series platforms available.  The smallest commercially available is 300 mm XY travel and the largest is 1.5 meter XY travel.  The 3Dn 300 is capable of 1 to 4 identical or different pumps or devices plus vision and scanning.  The larger systems can be configured with 1 to 5 identical or different pumps or devices.  These are gantry systems and meet SMEMA standards for production ready processing.


Tabletop Series


The Tabletop series has 300mm X and 150mm Y motion.  This can be configured with 1 or 2 pumps or devices.  Vision and scanning are available options on this also.  The software that supports the 3Dn Series also support with Tabletop.  The same pumps are used and therefore this system in the laboratory will provide production working parts in a smaller package.


3DnDL Series


This is a standard Dots and Lines printer.  A gantry configuration with SMEMA standards for in line production compatibility.  This system is capable of printing 28,000 dots per hour.  Printed lines are continuous and can reach speeds of 500 mm/second.  Any pattern, conformal, on slopes and level changing surfaces are standard motion for this printer.  Smallest dots for many commercial adhesives is 75 microns, this can be smaller with the proper material.


3DhexA Series


This is a Hybrid Hexapod configuration with exceptional precision and accuracy for conformal printing on unique doubly curved surfaces.  This is the base tool for printing antennas for the wireless, handheld industry.  Antenna printing is almost artistic and this is art printing on non flat surfaces.  The speed of this Series can be configure to print one antenna every 15 seconds.

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