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High throughput manufacturing micro to pico-liter 3D conformal dispensing systems and
laser micro machining tools customized for your needs


Micro Dispensing Machines

Highly Reconfigurable
nScrypt 300-3dn series micro dispense machine. We sell direct print dispensing systems ready for high throughput manufacturing floors or the laboratory.

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Patented SmartPump™

State of the Art Precision
Micro dispense pump printing dots of low viscosity fluid. The most precise micro dispense pump on the market controls starts, stops, and material flow for an extreme range of viscosities.

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Human Tissue Engineering

Customized & Laboratory Ready
Nested tubular representation of nano-tube structure. We conduct cutting-edge biomaterial and tissue engineering equipment research using micro dispense systems modified for bioprinting.

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Laser Micro Machining

High Quality & Cost Effective
Round disk that has been laser micro machined. We provide complete laser machining solutions for difficult applications using picosecond laser tools and techniques.

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Markets & Applications
Academic, Government, & Industrial

  • Miniature Optimized Antenna
  • Electronic Components
  • Thick Film Resistors
  • Electronic Vertical Interconnects
  • Electronic RF Shielding
  • Electronic Packaging
  • Adhesives
  • Human Cells / Scaffolds
Non-Contact Direct Print Applications
  • Micro Lines with Ultra Precise Starts/Stops
  • Complex Patterns including Layers
  • Micro Dots
  • Conformal 3D Printing on Uneven Surfaces
  • Active Gradient / Passive Mixing
  • Spray Patterns
  • Dispense Viscosities from 1 to 1 Million Centipoise
Why Us?
  • State of the art precision in both 3D motion & material control
  • Patented micro dispense hardware & processes for nano pumping, dynamic gradient mixing, & spraying
  • Direct Print of almost any material: metals, ceramics, ferrites, polymers, semiconductors, & living cells
  • High throughput manufacturing with extremely consistent and repeatable printing with differing alignments
  • Fast prototyping with highly reconfigurable machines
  • Continuous R&D in the areas of electronics, tissue engineering, & laser micro machining