27 Feb

RAPID + TCT MAY 8-11 2017

nScrypt Inc. is pleased to announce exciting participation in Rapid + TCT coming to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania May 8-11th

Dr. Church will join the SME workgroup, collaborating on Medical Additive Manufacturing/3D printing during the Rapid + TCT tradeshow. Dr. Church and others listed here, represent multiple businesses growing the multiperspective approach advancing the state of the art technology.

The workgroup will start collaborating on May 11th, booth 1537, and plans to gather new forms of manufacturing into a publishable document. The Beta version can be seen here

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20 Feb

SMTA Sep. 17-21, 2017

Come join us for a  Manufacturing trade show Booth #1007 in Rosemont, Illinois. Dr. Church will be presenting for the first time his studies on Micro-dispensed 50 micron solder dots from type VII solder. A demonstration will also be available during this time of soldering components on 50 micron pads with Dr. Church’s thoughts on the reliability of his findings.

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